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Valve releases de_prodigy for CS: Source

But we can't perch on the railings any more...

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Valve has released a new map for Counter-Strike: Source in amongst a host of bug fixes now available in one of Steam's nondescript product updates.

Actually, "new map" is a bit of a stretch, but we won't complain because it's de_prodigy, one of our old favourites, and we've been itching to see what it's like reborn in Half-Life 2's formidable Source Engine.

As you might expect, the result is much the same in terms of layout but strikingly different visually - the whole thing's been done up nicely with a lot more debris lying around and all the usual Source perks like smashable windows and tarted up textures.

There are some changes that will make a difference to how it plays though. There are a lot more cover points courtesy of barrels and even some lockers that can be knocked over to bung up the hallways, for example, and the area round the back that previously played host to a perilous clifftop railing over which suicidal players could jump has been excised and replaced with a mesh fence backing onto a sort of courtyard.

Which is a shame, really, because we used to perch on it with an AWP, and always liked the chilling whistle of the wind back there. But hey.

We'd still recommend you check it out. We'll be doing so at length as soon as we get back from the pub tonight... And, as ever, all you have to do to get your hands on it is fire up Steam and wait for it to download. Take a peek here for the full list of changes in this update.

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