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Paramount acquires film rights to Splinter Cell

A report in film magazine Variety claims that Paramount Pictures is about to adapt Tom Clancy's videogame offspring. But who should play Sam Fisher?

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Paramount Pictures has acquired the film rights to the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series from Ubisoft, according to film magazine Variety.

Variety reports that John Thomas Petty, scriptwriter on both Splinter Cell titles so far, is collaborating with director Peter Berg and co-writer John J. McLaughlin on the script.

Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot is reportedly one of three executive producers on the project, alongside Berg and, naturally, Tom Clancy.

There's no other information at this time with regard to actors or release dates, but it seems that Paramount is keen to turn the "dynamic, original" character into a big-screen fixture.

For Paramount, which has previously adapted four of Tom Clancy's novels, this would be the first Clancy adaptation based on a spin-off game.

Naturally fans are already speculating as to who would make the best Sam Fisher, but it'll be interesting to see whether actors like Dennis Haysbert who provided voice work for the games will be involved at any stage.

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