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THQ arrives at PSP party

Brian Farrell and the wrestling boys turn up on time with a four-pack of brewskies.

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Obviously buoyed by Sony's Japanese pricing and release date confirmation of PSP yesterday, THQ chief Brian Farrell has admitted the American publisher has four games in the works for the machine.

Speaking to investors yesterday, Farrell said he was "delighted" at the price point set by the electronics giant of 19,800 yen, but failed to identify THQ's PSP software other than one title, a game from its MX series. The motocross foray aside, the other three remain mysterious.

THQ is the latest publisher to confirm support for PSP as launch hype gathers pace ahead of a December 12 release, with the likes of SEGA and EA confirming solid line-ups for the machine in the last week.

A line-up of 21 games will hit Japan before the end of the year, with big hitters of the likes of GT4 arriving in early 2005. No specific dates have been set for Europe and America as yet, although a European release is expected some time in March.

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