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Ignition to publish Archer Maclean's PSP launch title

Tilt levels to move liquid metal blobs through mazes. It genuinely sounds like just the sort of game that we'd get stuck into on the tube into town...

Having unveiled a Nintendo DS puzzle game earlier this week in the shape of Zoo Keeper, Ignition Entertainment has furthered its involvement in the next generation of handheld games consoles by announcing that it is to publish a PlayStation Portable launch title from Archer Maclean's Awesome Studios called Mercury.

Described as "a refreshingly unique game with roots in many genres," we're slightly refreshed by the realisation that from what we've heard we tend to agree. The idea is to manipulate blobs of mercury through maze-like 3D environments by tilting the level, rather than taking direct control of the liquid metal.

By doing this you'll be able to overcome the various switch puzzles, platforms, obstacles and hazards dotting the path between level goals, as the "ridiculously sophisticated" game engine calculates the physics of the goopy mercury as it bends and flows round objects in its path.

Puzzle elements will also require you to use the level design to split the mercury into several coloured component parts in 3D maze-like courses that require lateral thinking to overcome. It all sounds a bit like Monkey Ball meets Terminator 2.

"Without exception, everyone who has seen the early versions of Mercury behind the scenes has immediately loved it," Maclean himself claims. "It's an incredible game which will define a new genre. Coding it to run this fast has been staggeringly complicated, yet the results are hugely impressive. We're delighted to be able to work with Sony Computer Entertainment in making this a PSP launch title. It's just perfect for the format."

We're certainly keen to get our hands on it and see how it all works, and we'll be sure to let you know when we do. You can check out a number of screenshots of Mercury here.

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