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Game Stars to return in 10 episode series

Including The Hunt for the UK's Greatest Gamer and an hour-long climax. Which sounds enviable.

Former one-off awards programme Game Stars is set to become a regular fixture of TV schedules late next summer and autumn, the show's organisers announced this week.

The Game Stars show is expected to get a 10-episode stint, and culminate in an hour-long special. More info will be announced shortly, but we're told to expect a new format, regular bursts of new games information, and a nationwide games challenge called, "The Hunt for the UK's Greatest Gamer".

Game Stars had previously been shown as awards specials broadcast on ITV1 and ITV2 at Easter, presented by self-confessed game fans (and a chap we have a lot of time for in general), Iain Lee, along with ITV1 fixture Holly Willoughby, who we understand the young men have a lot of time for.

It also inspired this September's Game Stars Live event at ExCeL in London - the first truly decent multi-format public games show we can remember, and the point at which key Christmas games like Pro Evolution Soccer 4 made their public debut.

We look forward to seeing what they do with it, particularly with the likes of ITV director of licensing Martin Lowde openly paying tribute to the "increasing maturity" of gamers. The more we hear, the more you'll know.

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