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Kuju starts work on PSP technology development

British studio takes Sony's new platform in hand.

UK developer Kuju Entertainment has commenced work on Sony's forthcoming PlayStation Portable platform, with a team at the company currently creating technology and tools for the handheld system.

Although no work on specific game titles has been announced as yet, the studio hopes that the groundwork being done by this team will give them a technological edge in developing for the PSP.

The news comes only days after Kuju announced that it is undertaking a share offering which will raise some £750,000 for the company, a portion of which is to be spent on research and development work related to next-generation consoles.

"Kuju is always at the forefront of technology development," claimed managing director Jonathan Newth, "and we are very excited to be working on PSP. We are working closely with Sony on the new platform and hope to unveil some early work in progress over the coming months."

PlayStation Portable is expected to launch in Japan in December, with launches in Europe and the USA to follow in early 2005. Most key publishers have already announced plans to support the device from the outset, with Activision becoming the latest to jump on board with a short announcement to this effect last week.