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Resident Evil 4 gets European release date

Not that far off, but not exactly around the corner either.

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Resident Evil 4 will launch in Europe on 18th March 2005, and will be distributed by Nintendo of Europe - which reflects just how significant the platform holder considers Capcom's latest survival-horror effort to be to the Cube's hopes for 2005.

However, once again it does mean that European gamers will be forced to endure a painful wait for a key Cube-only title. In the US and Japan the game is due out in January. Datel, makers of the FreeLoader import-enabling Cube disc, will doubtless be very pleased.

We also worry that Resi 4's launch may be overshadowed by the impending arrival of the Nintendo DS and Sony's PSP in Europe in "Q1 2005". If, as many commentators expect, the DS and PSP both launch in March or thereabouts, it might remove some of the lustre from Resi 4's otherwise highly anticipated release.

Forgotten why we care so much about Resident Evil 4? Remind yourself.

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