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PSP bandwagon sees GT4 date announced

After yesterday's PSP announcathon from Sony comes solid news on what could well be the ultimate handheld racer (TM).

Sony Japan's on a PSP roll, confirming yesterday that the machine itself will launch in Japan on December 12 for 19,800 yen and today announcing that Gran Turismo 4 will release for the handheld next spring.

Unfortunately the Japanese release date for the game is currently no more specific than that, and no mention has been made of a European or American date as yet.

The company has released little information on the title so far, other than it is a virtual carbon copy of the upcoming and hugely anticipated PS2 outing, but admitted today that multi-play through PSP's wireless LAN capabilities will be included. Network play in this way is thought to blunt the machine's battery life to around two hours.

PSP is looking a far more solid prospect after yesterday's feast of information, and confirmation that GT4 will be added to a 21-strong roster expected before the end of the year in Japan will bolster support for the venture.

PSP is expected to launch next March in Europe.

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