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March 2008 Archive

    1. Revamped PS3 Store "will no longer use the PS3 browser"
    2. Name Generator inspires games
    3. Nearly 1.3m play COD4 "every day"
    4. Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution
    5. Mr Driller coming to XBLA this week
    6. Tabula Rasa: Getting Started
    7. No PS Store updates until April relaunch
    8. New Football Manager 2008 demo
    9. Call of Duty 4: Variety Map Pack
    10. 50 Cent sequel details emerge
    11. Gearbox defends in-game ad deal
    12. PixelJunk Monsters expansion in April
    13. Capcom gets full MotoGP rights
    14. Battlefield: Bad Company
    15. GTA is about looking lived in - Houser
    16. Echochrome and Elefunk here in May
    17. Xbox Live downtime tomorrow
    18. Second Warhawk expansion in April
    19. New Smackdown game on the way
    20. Gears of War film coming in 2010
    21. Stop blaming games, says Byron
    22. SEGA lawyers confirm Sonic Unleashed
    23. Rating the Ratings
    1. Premium content and demo roundup
    2. C&C Kane actor speaks out on games
    3. PS3 Store updated, Sony apologises
    4. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
    5. WAR Online "technically" ready for launch
    6. Capcom questions N+ dev's logic
    7. Ikaruga gets Japanese release date
    8. Banjo-Kazooie 3 confirmed for Xmas
    9. Ex-Xbox man predicts death of consoles
    10. Penny Arcade game gets priced
    11. "Technical difficulties" hold up GT5 Prologue PSN
    12. Onimusha film delayed due to Ledger's death
    13. Virtual Console Roundup
    14. The Byron report - a roundup
    15. Worms: A Space Oddity
    16. First bonus UT3 maps on US PSN
    17. Sequel to Dawn of War coming
    18. GTA IV website to track player stats
    19. What's Jade Raymond up to these days?
    20. Cruis'n and C64 games on Virtual Console
    21. GT5 Prologue misses PSN launch date
    22. Eurogamer TV Monthly Highlights
    1. New GTA IV trailer coming tonight
    2. New PAL Releases Roundup
    3. Alias actor speaks up for games
    4. Final Fantasy Tactics A2 in summer
    5. Euro 2008 demo on Live and PSN
    6. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. prequel gets date
    7. Gran Turismo to feature vehicle deformation
    8. World of Warcraft
    9. Ninja Reflex
    10. BioShock film and MMOG possible
    11. SOCOM gets US release date
    12. Zelnick hints at BioShock sequel
    13. BioShock 2 announced
    14. Ninja Gaiden 2 demo coming in May
    15. Fresh Turok maps due to arrive today
    16. Killzone 2 release date "not gospel"
    17. New 50 Cent game officially named
    18. Byron backs film-style ratings for games
    19. Atari in financial trouble again
    1. Try out the PC version of Euro 2008
    2. Watch Resident Evil 5 being played
    3. WOW Sunwell patch released
    4. Killzone 2 coming in September
    5. Haze finally gets release date
    6. Far Cry 2 due to arrive in autumn
    7. The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 22
    8. Take-Two open to third-party offers
    9. Call of Jihadi
    10. Sequel to 50 Cent game on the way
    11. Master System cheapest on VC
    12. More bands to feature in GH: Aerosmith
    13. TiQal
    14. EA unveils WAR Collector's Edition
    15. New driving test trainer coming to DS
    16. Play Mario Kart before release at GAME
    17. UK charts: jackpot for Vegas 2
    18. Warhammer Online delayed again
    19. Gran Turismo 5 "about a year away"
    20. Matrix Online celebrates 3rd birthday
    21. Halo 3 Heroic maps are now free
    22. Magic Made Fun
    23. Everybody's Golf: World Tour
    24. Darwinia
    1. Epic patches UT3 on PS3
    2. Getting into EVE Online
    3. One Life Left on Eurogamer tonight!
    4. Yakuza 2 finally heading to Europe
    5. NCsoft licenses Unreal Engine 3
    6. Recycled SingStar song delay explained
    7. No new Resi 5 gameplay video this week
    8. PS3 firmware 2.20 available now
    9. MS cracks down on gamerscore cheats
    10. N+ creators explain XBLA criticism
    11. Mass Effect: Bring Down The Sky
    12. Ubisoft wants your Vegas 2 bug reports
    13. New Bully 360 patch creating problems?
    14. WOW is not the "end of all things"
    15. SEGA skirting Sonic Unleashed talk
    16. Virtual Console Roundup
    17. Condemned 2, Superstars Tennis demos
    18. Namco Museum DS
    19. Ubi wants to make a Clancy MMO
    20. TiQal for Live Arcade this week
    21. Dead Space to get animated prequel film
    22. Midway's not dead yet, says Zucker
    23. Ubi gets rights to Tom Clancy name
    24. Rock Band confirmed for Wii
    25. EG can't come to the Internet right now
    26. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody
    1. Jack Keane
    1. Microsoft and the Mass-Market
    1. MX vs. ATV Untamed
    2. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
    1. PAIN goes live on PAL PSN
    2. Codemasters eyes console MMOs
    3. Iron Man voice cast announced
    4. Samurai Warriors 2 XL next week
    5. Rock Band in-game shop launches
    6. Byron Review due on March 27th
    7. Chunky Orange Box PS3 patch released
    8. LittleBigPlanet heading to Alpha
    9. Console RTS "still not close to PC"
    10. SouthPeak puts Big Bang on DS
    11. Fresh SingStar PS3 tracks tomorrow
    12. Church uses Jesus Mii to attract crowds
    13. New PAL Releases Roundup
    14. PS3 2.20 this month with BD-LIVE
    15. The Agency
    16. HEI$T planned for June
    17. Operation Flashpoint 2 for this winter
    18. Order GTA IV, get 1000 MS Points
    19. City of Heroes to sell character slots
    20. Live Video Store Easter discount
    21. Beau Bridges to star in Max Payne film
    22. Codemasters reveals HEI$T
    23. Chinese online gaming sees crazy growth
    24. Console teams doing Quake Wars demos
    25. PC gamers moving to consoles - id
    26. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
    1. Digimon MMO in the works
    2. New details of The Agency emerge
    3. Blizzard previews Fury of the Sunwell
    4. Guitar Hero DS peripheral unveiled
    5. Molyneux names more Fable 2 XBLA titles
    6. Ninja Theory not doing Heavenly sequel
    7. Battlefield: Bad Company this summer
    8. PS3 version of COD4 to get patch
    9. Red Alert 3 coming this "holiday"
    10. Spore, Dead Space showing in London
    11. EA officially unveils The Sims 3
    12. The Sims 3
    13. Street Fighter film out next year
    14. No Prey 2 for PS3, says Radar Group
    15. Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack in April
    16. Get a free Rainbow Six Vegas 2 map
    17. EA boss talking "bullsh**", says analyst
    18. Cosplayers set Guinness World Record
    19. EA extends Massive in-game ad deal
    20. Doodle Hex coming to Wii too
    21. UK Xbox 360 sales up 40 per cent
    1. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    2. Introducing the MMO channel
    3. Soul Nomad for Europe in June
    4. Join the Empire of Sports
    5. Original Metal Gear Solid for PSN
    6. Metal Gear Solid
    7. Jumpgate: Evolution
    8. Japan to get steel-coloured PS3
    9. Eidos unveils "new phenomenon" for DS
    10. Blue Omega offers Damnation details
    11. Fresh German consumer event for Cologne
    12. Game controllers are too complicated
    13. UK charts: Mario & Sonic back in front
    14. Cult Classics: GameCube
    15. Career Fair dates
    16. Weekly Premium Content Roundup
    17. Fresh releases shake up UK Charts
    18. Vaz claims games let you "rape women"
    19. Collaboration with Jack Thompson "impossible", says EA
    20. Army of Two becomes one
    21. Pirates director keen to get into games
    22. Wii is back on top in Japan
    23. World of Warcraft
    24. The Sims 2
    25. The Urbz: Sims in the City
    26. The Sims Online
    27. The Sims
    28. GT5 Prologue pre-orders nearly at 1m
    29. Prey 2 to show Portal a thing or two
    30. Radar Group confirms Prey 2
    31. One Life Left returns tonight
    32. New PSP firmware out today
    33. THQ unveils new off-roader for PS3, 360
    34. Euro Rock Band to get exclusive songs
    35. Sony talks leaked PSN list
    36. No word on Euro Bionic Commando price
    37. SSBB is fastest-selling Nintendo game
    38. Beatles version of Guitar Hero coming?
    1. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
    2. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
    3. Cheap Assault Heroes and Doom on Weds
    4. Puzzle Quest XBLA to get expansion
    5. Elixir working on massively multiplayer Republic sequel
    6. Massively improving
    7. Call of Duty 4 gets GOTY Edition
    8. More Forza 2 cars this Wednesday
    9. BioWare talks up Dragon Age
    10. Mass Effect
    11. LOTRO producer talks Mines of Moria
    12. GT5 Prologue PSN download is 1.9GB
    13. Manhunt 2 will get UK release
    14. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
    15. GTA IV to have 15 multiplayer modes?
    16. First details of SFIV newcomers
    17. Condemned 2 demo coming to Live
    18. Mario Kart stunt system revealed
    19. Lack of SSFII beta for PS3 explained
    20. Nintendo promises "big game" for Xmas
    21. Games not linked to violence, says Govt.
    22. First LOTRO expansion announced
    23. FlatOut: Head On
    1. Next-Gen Price War Breaks Out
    1. Cult Classics: GameCube
    2. No place for "really hardcore shooters" - R6 Vegas 2 developer
    3. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 LiveText
    4. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 thermal vision trailer
    5. R6 Vegas 2 designer LiveText today!
    6. Crisis Core FFVII SE for UK
    7. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates
    8. Burnout Paradise "islands" to be free
    9. Sonic RPG to feature Big the Cat
    10. Spore Creatures
    11. Blu-ray will be history, says Microsoft
    12. Valkyrie Profile series heading to DS?
    13. Nintendo winning US hardware war
    14. Equilibrium writer targeted for MGS film
    15. Capcom unveils new strategy game
    16. Super R-Type and Op Wolf on VC
    17. Orange Box PC separates get date
    18. New Grand Theft Auto IV screens
    19. SEGA confirms Alpha Protocol
    20. Turning Point: Fall of Liberty
    21. Factor 5 signs with Brash
    22. Capcom exceeds XBLA file-size limit
    23. SOE to report to Kaz Hirai
    1. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 thermal scan trailer
    2. Fresh Two Worlds content on Live
    3. Guitar Hero III songs lead PSN update
    4. Don't sell, Take-Two tells shareholders
    5. GT5 tournament starts next week
    6. Weekly PAL Releases Roundup
    7. New Soul Calibur IV character revealed
    8. We have the best games, says Microsoft
    9. Fatal Inertia PS3 rated by ESRB
    10. Bomberman WiiWare title on the way
    11. GH3 Dropkick Murphys pack on XBL
    12. Sam & Max 204: Chariots of the Dogs
    13. Region-locking specific to Army of Two
    14. 1942: Joint Strike for XBLA, PSN
    15. God of War man doing Mad Max game
    16. Houser talks up GTA IV episodes
    17. We're not speaking to Sony, says MS
    18. SSFII Turbo HD Remix 360 beta soon
    19. Assault Heroes sequel coming to Live
    20. Don't underestimate WipEout HD - Sony
    21. New Wacky Races game for Wii and DS
    22. Gibson launches Guitar Hero lawsuit
    23. Sony unveils MotorStorm 2
    24. PS3 firmware updated to 2.17
    25. Gary Gygax: 1938-2008
    1. Brash signs Genji dev for film game
    2. Guilty Gear 2: Overture coming to 360
    3. Multiplayer Tetris coming to WiiWare
    4. No change for Vegas 2 PC date
    5. Black Wing unveils futuristic new shooter
    6. Triple-A Rockstar sequel promised for '09
    7. First batch of Sims 3 details revealed
    8. New Lost Planet Colonies details
    9. More Heavy Rain details emerge
    10. Star Trek Online back on track?
    11. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 silencer trailer
    12. My Coach Roundup
    13. New Street Fighter IV character revealed
    14. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker
    15. Race Driver: GRID at Live
    16. Mass Effect 2 will be a "richer" experience
    17. Novastrike for PSN in Q2 2008
    18. Kojima working on non-MGS concept
    19. User-made content "Holy Grail" for Home
    20. Borderlands delayed
    21. Xbox Live Arcade Roundup
    1. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 night vision trailer
    2. Cult Classics: GameCube
    3. DLC released for Dark Messiah 360
    4. Line Rider coming to DS, Wii this summer
    5. Condemned 2 slips a week
    6. Talkman
    7. Bully: Scholarship Edition
    8. site a fake, says SEGA
    9. MotorStorm 2 to feature monster trucks
    10. Iron Chef game coming to Wii, DS
    11. Consoles have outpaced PC, says Epic man
    12. Obsidian's secret agent RPG unveiled
    13. God of War: Chains of Olympus
    14. European GT5 Prologue dated, priced
    15. Heavy Weapon and Zuma PS2-bound
    16. Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank
    17. Harmonix wants Rock Band players to make own music tracks
    18. Thinking and puffing on XBLA this week
    1. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 PC in April
    2. New babysitting sim coming to DS
    3. European Xbox 360 price cut is official
    4. New weight loss game for DS unveiled
    5. The Soft Target
    6. SEGA coy on ownership
    7. Creator defends Holocaust DS game
    8. EA Sports promises more new IP
    9. Rock Band owes lots to Amplitude
    10. Euro price cut for Xbox 360, says FT
    11. MOH Airborne patched on PC
    12. Bully: Scholarship Edition
    13. Kururin Squash
    14. Mass Effect DLC on Live today
    15. See Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne
    16. GTA MMO is "highly doable" - R*
    17. "No one has blocked" Holocaust DS game
    18. SSBB discs causing problems in US
    19. Bully 360 patch due this week
    20. No Euro release for Holocaust DS game
    21. God of War PSP demo now available
    22. Frag Dolls to attempt Vegas 2 record
    23. SEGA duo on US VC this month
    24. PoP movie to be filmed in Morocco
    1. New International Track & Field
    1. Weekly Premium Content Roundup
    2. Spore and Monkey Ball coming to iPhone
    3. Samba summer, Condemned late March
    4. MS will support Blu-ray, says Ballmer
    5. SingStar Summer Party for PS2
    6. Wii Roundup
    7. PES cheater booted from cash tournament
    8. Sony in talks to do Getaway movie
    9. Sin City game to use novels as inspiration
    10. PSP outdoing Wii and DS in Japan
    11. Unreal licensed for Sin City
    12. Riddick writer on Sin City game
    13. Sin City game planned
    14. Sin City game out next year
    15. Windows Live Marketplace likely - MS
    16. Microsoft's Kevin Unangst
    17. Midway plans casual game portal
    18. Doodle Hex heads for June release
    19. Crysis patched to 1.2
    20. New cheerleading game for Wii, DS
    21. Xbox 360 could get Blu-ray - Sony
    22. Ubisoft doing Besson Minimoys games
    23. Fresh liveries for Burnout Paradise
    24. Kirby 64 hits PAL Virtual Console
    25. New Sims 3 details emerge
    26. Soul Calibur IV at Live
    27. Infogrames offers to buy Atari Inc.
    28. Modern Metal pack for Guitar Hero III
    29. Triggerheart Exelica
    1. Japanese echochrome PS3/PSP demo
    2. No PAL echochrome demo today
    3. LEGO Indiana Jones gets date
    4. The World Ends With You heads West
    5. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue line-up
    6. Rise of the Argonauts for autumn
    7. Capcom dismisses Resi 5 date rumours
    8. Fred Gray on C64 Music
    9. Another quiet week for PAL PSN
    10. Codemasters unveils Damnation
    11. MercurySteam doing new 360/PS3 game
    12. EA to unveil Sims 3 this month
    13. Tabula Rasa producer admits to slow start
    14. Dark Sector PS3 "Entitlements" explained
    15. Chronicles of Spellborn due in spring
    16. Huxley to hit US PCs later this year
    17. Easter treats for Halo 3
    18. Electronic Arts: Back In The Game
    19. Weekly PAL Releases Roundup
    20. DS Roundup
    21. Apollo Justice dated for Europe
    22. Shantae developer signs up for WiiWare
    23. Audiosurf tops February Steam charts
    24. Xbox boss speaks out on ratings issue
    25. Rockstar "horrified" by Bully bugs
    26. Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures
    1. MMO developer signs Unreal Engine 3
    2. Xbox 360 price cut rumoured
    3. Disgaea to make DS debut?
    4. Rocketmen: Axis of Evil
    5. What's coming in next WOW update
    6. Undertow XBLA expansion out today
    7. Activision boss mentions COD MMO
    8. Ace Combat 6 gets repairs
    9. Nintendo tops Spanish, German charts
    10. Dungeons & Dragons creator dies
    11. Zack & Wiki Flash demo
    12. Mario Kart Wii online details
    13. PSN to see "pretty big change" in April
    14. Burnout Paradise to be patched
    15. Left 4 Dead
    16. SEGA's Wii Showcase
    17. flOw PSP out for US on Thursday
    18. Resi Umbrella Chronicles ships 1m
    19. GRAW 2 Co-op Collection 2 on Live
    20. Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden
    1. "Atari is gaming's best opportunity" - Phil Harrison
    2. Okami Wii for April in the US
    3. GPG "fairly certain" Demigod will make 08
    4. Free MS Points for GTA pre-order
    5. Assassin's Creed PC slips
    6. Namco skiing game for Balance Board
    7. Dark Sector for April, demo likely
    8. Red Alert 3 beta with Kane's Wrath
    9. History of Atari
    10. One Life Left #67 tonight
    11. Battlefield Heroes
    12. Dexter game planned
    13. Team Fortress 360 starts rumbling
    14. No LEGO Indy demo for UK Indy DVDs
    15. No Europe plans for Wii TV guide
    16. Capcom working on 15 different projects
    17. Valve will "never abandon" Counter-Strike
    18. Assassin's Creed PC investigation details
    19. Sony quiet on PS3 video store rumour
    20. Bronze PSP Slim prepped for Japan
    21. Harrison is new Infogrames president
    22. Rocketmen price confirmed
    23. Valve hopes to keep TF2 content free
    24. N+
    1. Eden boss hails Harrison "vision"
    2. USD 208.7m bonus for Rock Band devs
    3. LittleBigPlanet
    4. Online gaming key to Atari revival - CEO
    5. Nolan Bushnell working on an MMO
    6. Meier wouldn't mind acquisition by EA
    7. Warriors Orochi gets PC, PSP date
    8. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
    9. EVE Online arrives on Steam
    10. Rocketmen this Wednesday on Live
    11. E3: THQ reveals Darksiders
    12. Billion-dollar WOW claim is "bluff"
    13. Japanese XNA winners revealed
    14. Lego to do physical versions of MMO chars
    15. Sony details PlayStation Store updates
    16. Rock Band finally gets Grateful Dead
    17. Futurama game scenes made into episode
    18. THQ man angry about Iron Lore closure
    19. FunOrb targeting "every demographic"
    20. Speed-eating game for WiiWare launch
    21. Browser-based fantasy RPG launches
    22. Speed-eating game in oven
    23. Sagat and Balrog in Street Fighter IV
    24. MGS4 required cuts to fit on Blu-ray
    25. God of War 3 "coming soon"
    26. PAX 2008 to host indie showcase
    27. Sins of a Solar Empire
    1. Call of Duty 4 patched for 360
    2. Beat The Pirates At Your Own Game
    1. Mirror's Edge