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EA to unveil Sims 3 this month

Placeholder website pops up.

Electronic Arts looks set to unveil the third instalment (not counting the 487,000 expansion packs) in the The Sims series later this month.

That's according to a new website which has popped up. So far there's only placeholder text but it does state, "More information coming soon!" i.e. "March 19, 2008".

Given that that's been said, EA probably won't mind if we point out that you might want to read Eurogamer on 19th March if you like The Sims.

The first mention of The Sims 3 came last month from EA's Rod Humble. He didn't reveal any details, but did confirm there will be no more Sims 2 SKUs this year after Freetime is released.

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The Sims 3

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