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Fresh Two Worlds content on Live

Tainted Blood. Oh oh oh oh.

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SouthPeak has trumpeted the arrival of a downloadable content pack for Two Worlds on Xbox Live.

Dubbed Tainted Blood, it costs 600 Points (GBP 5.10 / EUR 7.20) and focuses on expanding the role-playing game for those of you who play online with friends.

If you do, this player-versus-player Challenge Mode will tickle your fancy, because it lets you pit your abilities against others in various arenas.

Or you can hop on your horsey and gallop around four fresh multiplayer maps, which have plenty of unseen locations and challenges to face: there are over 35 new quests, apparently.

Two Worlds faired rather badly upon release last September, and came off worse in its ever-running identity battle with acclaimed Bethesda creation, Oblivion.

Still, it offered an online option for you to join your friends on an adventure, and has been tinkered with continually to iron-out various worries and niggles.

Two Worlds will grow further with The Temptation expansion pack later this year. You can expect to be sailing from island to island in it, as well as use barrels and other environmental objects to throw at baddies. No elephants, though.

Pop over to our Two Worlds: Tainted Blood gallery for an idea of what to expect.

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