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Two Worlds collector's edition

Fantasy stuff.

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SouthPeak has blown its fantasy trumpet this morning to announce a collector's edition of Two Worlds.

Each version will come in fancy holographic packaging, include a map of the world you can take to work and tack up on the wall [incorrect - Ed], plus you'll get a bonus disc with extra content and a whopping 72-page colour fantasy book. Fantasy that.

The fancy PC version will be exclusive to GAME, and features access codes to download a legendary sword and shield. Meanwhile Xbox 360 adventurers can relish in a 48-hour Live Gold Trial card.

Both will be available across America on 7th August at USD 69.99 and 59.99 for Xbox 360 and PC respectively. We're waiting to hear back on the exact European details, although 10th August costing GBP 49.99 and 39.99 wouldn't be out of the question, if you ask us.

Two Worlds is a free-roaming and sprawling role-playing game from developer Reality Pump. And although it bears a striking resemblance to Bethesda's Oblivion, there's a few key differences. The most drastic of these is a persistent-world-style multiplayer offering that promises to keep the adventures fresh and challenging for days to come.

We recently had a chance to get to grips with the game and unearthed a unique personality under that familiar façade. You can read all our thoughts in our first impressions of Two Worlds.

We also got to talk to game producer Dirk Hassinger recently, who told us Two Worlds was a "meatier" affair than Oblivion.

Head over to our Two Worlds gamepage for all the latest screenshots and trailers.

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