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Temptation grows Two Worlds

Expansion for next year.

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Struggling role-playing game Two Worlds is getting an expansion in the first half of 2008.

Ironically dubbed The Temptation, it adds a host of fresh content to answer questions that cropped up from the first, like why it keeps calling itself a "smash RPG" on the official website. Have some dignity.

Those of you eager for new areas will be granted several never-trodden territories to explore, and a whole new means of transport to get you there.

And others worried the underlying mechanics will never change should be pleased that you will be able to actively block attacks in combat now, and computer-brained characters will display "much enhanced reactions" to you.

Two Worlds: The Temptation will be heading to PC and consoles; suggesting a PS3 offering is also in the pipeline.

Head over to our Two Worlds review to find out what needs to change, or pop into The Temptation gallery for the first shots.

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