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10th April 2008

Xbox Live DLC Roundup

13th September 2007

Two Worlds

Two Worlds 3 officially announced for 2019

Two Worlds 3 officially announced for 2019

Two Worlds 2 to receive new story DLC and engine update.

Two Worlds 3 is officially happening, series developer Reality Pump Studios has announced.

The developer said it's in the concept stage and scheduled for development over the next three years.

In the meantime, Reality Pump hasn't given up on Two Worlds 2. Far from it. Despite being released over five years ago, the developer is giving its open-world RPG a major push with an all new engine update and story DLC.

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Why I Love... Two Worlds

Shopper's paradise.

Like a cheap sausage roll, any game with an average score of 65 per cent should be approached with caution. There may be a score somewhere in the eighties at the range-apex, but you know it'll exist in elastic tension with a 45 per cent.

Free add-on for Two Worlds

Download Tainted Blood next month.

Anyone who bought the Game of the Year edition of fantasy RPG Two Worlds will be able to download a free add-on from next month.

Xbox Live DLC Roundup

Xbox Live DLC Roundup

Call of Duty 4, Overlord, GRAW 2, Guitar Hero III, Turok and more.

You only need to check out the Game Add-Ons tab in the Xbox Live Game Store to see that the world of downloadable content, once so feared and mistrusted, is here to stay. There's been a bunch of notable new material released just recently - and even more since we started on this instalment in our Xbox Live DLC Roundup series - and most of it has helped to prove the naysayers wrong. There's been fresh content for recent blockbusters, and older cult favourites. There have been updates for full price releases as well as Live Arcade games. And, best of all, the paid-for content has generally been reasonably priced and balanced out with a surprising amount of freebies. Here are some recent examples that you might want to check out.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Variety Map Pack

Overlord - Raising Hell expansion and Challenge Pack

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Two Worlds fixed up

Less lag, better horses.

Sketchy role-playing game Two Worlds has undergone a spot of maintenance to fix up some of its glaring errors.

Two Worlds demo on Live

PC/360 patches in works.

SouthPeak Games has released a 566MB demo of Oblivion wannabe Two Worlds, giving you a chance to explore "a huge portion" of the game's "expansive single-player map".

Two Worlds

Two Worlds


Forsooth, 'tis oft uttered from the mouths of knaves that to unleash a game upon a console is a much different endeavour to unleashing that self-same game upon the PC. Verily, verily, thine developer should have to be some kind of knave to attempt such a release without great alteration to the very fabric of the game!

If that paragraph made you want to stab me in the face (and frankly, we had to hide all the sharp objects in the room while writing it for fear of facial self-harm), then your path is clear. Close this tab in your browser, leave this review, and never, ever consider playing Two Worlds.

The alternative is that you become another videogame violence statistic, with Jack Thompson carping on about the rampage you'll inevitably embark upon at one of those bloody awful Medieval Banquet tourist-trap nights. Which, despite a few really promising ideas, is just about exactly what Two Worlds turns out to be.

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Two Worlds

Dirk Hassinger speaks out.

It's not easy being a role-playing game; not when all everyone talks about is your big brother and how good he is. Sure you're different. That's what they all say. Why should we believe you?

Two Worlds in early August

Retailers telling porkies.

A spokesperson for Southpeak has told Eurogamer this afternoon that Two Worlds will be available on Xbox 360 and PC in early August.

Two Worlds

Somewhat oblivious.

You're on an urgent quest to rescue your beloved sister from a shadowy cabal of powerful men who are holding her hostage for your co-operation in their nefarious scheme. The long-lost powers of an ancient god are being brought into the world once more, emboldening marauding orcs in their raids on the kingdoms of man. As the unwilling hero at the centre of this maelstrom, your quest could not be more important.

Two Worlds in July

Ongoing content planned.

SouthPeak has cleared the air and announced that Two Worlds will be coming to PC and Xbox 360 in July.

Two Worlds X360 delayed

Mysteriously slips.

The Two Worlds official website has revealed that the Xbox 360 version of the game will no longer be available with the PC copy on 9th May.

SouthPeak dates UK offerings

Monster Madness, Two Worlds.

All good things come in threes, which must be why SouthPeak has announced UK release dates for The Con, Monster Madness and Two Worlds, each one month after the other.

Two Worlds slips to May

Multiplayer needs perfecting.

European gamers will have to wait a little longer for Xbox 360 and PC RPG Two Worlds, as various bugs and multiplayer concerns have pushed the release back to 9th May.

Two Worlds dated

PC/360 RPG due next year.

Reality Pump and Zuxxez Entertainment have revealed that their forthcoming PC and Xbox 360 RPG Two Worlds is due out on 7th March in Europe.