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GC: Two Worlds in September

We're keeping this one.

SouthPeak has confirmed that Two Worlds will be released for 360 and PC in the UK on 7th September.

The fantasy role-playing game was previously expected earlier in the year, but was pushed back to give developer Reality Pump more time to polish bits and pieces - like the fancy MMO-style multiplayer mode.

This will be a similar affair to what Hellgate: London is offering, aiming to keep you playing long after you've trounced the main story campaign. No monthly subscription has been linked with Two Worlds so far.

"We're overjoyed to confirm Two Worlds' release date for the UK. It's been a long time coming, but we think a game of this complexity and scope shouldn't be hastily rushed to market," said Melanie Mroz, executive suit at SouthPeak.

"We're making sure that Two Worlds has been exhaustively balanced and bug-tested, meaning that UK players will get the very best experience possible on September 7th."

We got our hands on the game in June and were pleasantly surprised; despite its superficial similarities Bethesda's behemoth Oblivion, underneath were some significant and clever new features.

Head over to our first impressions of Two Worlds to find out more.

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Two Worlds

Xbox 360, PC

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