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Try Two Worlds on PC

Another demo unearthed.

A PC taster for Two Worlds is now available to download, weighing in at a healthy 866MB.

It will let you test out the sprawling role-playing adventure from Polish developer Reality Pump, exploring the Northern Antaloor region and completing various quests. You'll even be able to tackle parts of the main storyline, but the demo will come to an end when you reach a certain point in it.

Two Worlds has lived in the shadow of rival Oblivion since it was announced to press and public last year, displaying many similar characteristics. But Reality Pump has included various changes under the hood to set it apart, like an MMO-style multiplayer mode to prolong our enjoyment.

We had a chance to get our hands on it in June and found it surprisingly entertaining and original, worthy of a closer look nearer launch. Have a gander at our first impressions of Two Worlds for more information.

Two World is due for release on 360 and PC in the UK on 7th September.

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Two Worlds

Xbox 360, PC

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