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PSN to see "pretty big change" in April

SCEA man also explains rate of releases.

Sony America's John Hight has said to expect a "pretty big change in the PlayStation Network in the early part of April".

Interface changes "largely based on customer feedback" are on the cards, he told Gamasutra.

"Simplification, cutting down on the number of mouse clicks, making it easier to find stuff that you want to find...that's kind of an outgrowth of us having more content now, so we have to make sure that you can get at it easily," he explained.

Hight, who is SCEA's director of product development for first-party published digital games, also talked about the rate of releases on PSN.

"We're very careful about how too much quantity could kill us," he said, "because it's more about having really well-selected, cool experiences. I guess we're aggressive in the sense that we're out there looking at a lot of things."

But before you all start typing, 'we doubt you're going to be killed by too much quantity any time soon', Hight also addressed the issue of games being released in Europe months after they are in the US, with PAIN the most pressing example to our minds.

"We've gotten a lot of feedback from our customers - they don't like it when you delay and release it in the United States, and then when localisation's done, in Europe, then we release," he noted. "We're trying to coordinate it all so that it's a simultaneous worldwide release."

Finally, Hight said that a new Warhawk expansion is due out next month. "We just released an expansion on Warhawk in September," he said, referring to Operation: Omega Dawn, "and we'll release another one in April. Each one makes the game bigger and bigger."

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