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Blue Omega offers Damnation details

Co-op confirmed, multiplayer mentioned.

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Developer Blue Omega has said the Damnation campaign will support co-operative play for you and a friend.

Its inclusion was expected after the Wild West-inspired third-person shooter was unveiled by Codemasters earlier this month.

Blue Omega also went on to give details of the goal behind the enormous levels that will feature up to three hours of content each.

"What we really want to get across about our levels is that they're of a scale that you've never seen before in a hardcore shooter," designer Joseph Minkoff told Videogaming247. "Our goal from the very beginning was to allow the player to see their objectives in the distance from the start of the level and then work their way towards them in an intuitive and immersive manner."

Minkoff gives an example of a huge continent-spanning level where the objective could be killing a boss atop an enormous tower. You can see it, but the challenge is getting to it - climbing is the primary problem-solving mechanic here. Subsequently the reward is being able to look back on the journey you made to get there.

There will be plenty of save points, we're told, as the idea is to make it "fun and challenging, but never frustrating".

In total, Blue Omega is planning four major levels and two smaller ones. Each of these is broken into multiple thematic locations to keep your experience fresh.

Multiplayer will also prove a vital ingredient, with the plenty of taxing strategical options; do you stay in the safety of ground cover or risk climbing to a stronger position offering more powerful weaponry?

"After just one multiplayer match, trust me - you'll see what makes it different, and I think you'll love it. I know we do," added Minkoff.

And Damnation has motorbikes.

Pop over to our Damnation gallery for the first batch of screenshots.

Damnation is due out on PC, PS3 and 360 later this year.

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