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Shantae developer signs up for WiiWare

Creating a horror-puzzler called LIT.

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WayForward Technologies is making a 3D horror-puzzle for the WiiWare service.

Dubbed LIT, the idea stemmed from a concept of light and shadows, resulting in a "uniquely unsettling" adventure.

The story is based around Jake, who is stuck in the school he underachieves at, where creatures stalk around the dark corridors and classrooms and will probably eat him if walks into their path.

Jake needs to escape by cleverly lighting his path out of there, but he also has to reconnect with his girlfriend because no he is not a loser and grades are not everything. Not all of us went to university, you know.

She will use the school phones to keep in contact with him, until they can embrace and have a little kiss and feel at the end. There will be bosses along the way, though, and he will have to use "horror-combat" to topple them.

WayForward has not created an original IP since belly-dancing Game Boy Colour game Shantae in 2002. But, thanks to this fancy downloadable service from Nintendo, the world is its oyster all over again.

"This is the first time in recent memory that our team has felt the freedom to begin experimenting on consoles outside the confines of established IP, budget, or publisher dictates," said John Beck, boss of WayForward Technologies.

"The scope and business model for WiiWare really make this possible."

There is only a spattering of concept art for this creepy action-puzzler at the moment, with a release date yet to be announced.

WiiWare launches in the US on 12th May, but is yet to be given a date in Europe.

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