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EA boss talking "bullsh**", says analyst

Being "disrespectful" to Rockstar.

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An analyst has dismissed assertions that an Electronic Arts buyout is just what Rockstar needs as "total bullsh**".

Speaking to the New York Times recently, silver-haired EA boss John Riccitiello said Rockstar will benefit if his company takes over Take-Two. "We, in many ways, represent a white knight," he said.

Rubbish, industry analyst Mike Hickey told Game Daily. "My belief is Rockstar would be perfectly happy if EA never put a bid in at all," he stated.

"White knight commentary is total bullsh**, and disrespectful to both the developers at Take-Two and the new management team that has already achieved success."

Eurogamer's favourite leading industry clairvoyant Michael Pachter reckons Riccitiello doesn't even know what he's on about. "'White Knight' usually signifies rescue from a hostile suitor (the connotation is to a damsel in distress)," he said. "I think Riccitiello's use of the term was incorrect, and perhaps a misplaced attempt to sound clever. They are in no sense a White Knight."

Well now.

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