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MotorStorm 2 to feature monster trucks

Plus online races for more players.

The sequel to hit PS3 racer MotorStorm will feature monster trucks, according to the latest edition of Official PlayStation Magazine.

Scans of the relevant article appearing on the Internet claim a new trailer is about to be released. We're told to "keep an eye out for the way unseated drives try to dodge cartwheeling vehicles", observe "how a truck plows through a wooden structure" and take note of "the addition of water hazards".

Apparently more players will be able to compete in online races and yep, you'll have the option to drive monster trucks.

As previously reported, the MotorStorm sequel is set on a tropical island and is said to be looking lush. An official title has yet to be announced, and there's no word on a release date - but expect more news very soon.

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