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Red Alert 3 coming this "holiday"

EA confident of timely delivery.

EA has said it is confident that Red Alert 3 will be released this "holiday season".

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer, producer Chris Corry lifted the lid on many fresh inclusions in the hotly anticipated game, including the return of super-commando Tanya.

"Tanya's back and better than ever," beamed Corry. "As probably the most beloved character from this series, you can trust we're staying true to the Tanya of old while giving her some new toys to play with.

"For example she has a Time Belt ability that, when triggered by the player, will warp her back to the state (location and health) that she was in a few seconds prior."

The other headline additions to Red Alert 3 will be naval base-building, a co-operative campaign, and fresh Japanese faction the Empire of the Rising Sun. But these are just "the tip of the iceberg", we're told.

Corry also said there are no plans to offer console owners similar opportunities to join the Red Alert 3 beta test. If you remember, everyone buying imminent C&C3 expansion Kane's Wrath will be given a key.

Look out for our full interview with Chris Corry soon for plenty more information.

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

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