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EA Sports promises more new IP

But Moore quashes F1 game rumour.

EA Sports' global marketing boss Todd Sitrin has said that the division is currently working on two new, unannounced intellectual properties, GamesIndustry.biz reports.

In January this year, EA Sports unveiled Facebreaker, a new boxing title in development at EA Canada.

"We actually have three new original IPs in development, the only one that's been announced is Facebreaker, we haven't done an original IP at EA for several years, not since back to Freekstyle," Sitrin told geekpulp.

EA Sports consistently turns out the best-selling sports franchises in the business, with Tiger Woods, FIFA, and Madden titles a regular fixture in the charts in Europe and North America.

Former Microsoft exec Peter Moore joined EA Sports as president last July. In his most recent blog post, Moore addressed the rumour that EA Sports might pick up the license to Formula One, stating that although he is a big fan of the sport, the licence just isn't available.

"The excitement that Lewis Hamilton has brought to the sport, and its vast global appeal, make it an appealing game licence, but as of right now it is not available," he detailed.

"Maybe in a few years the situation will change, but until then we fully respect the rights held by our partners at Sony."

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