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Assassin's Creed PC investigation details

What they are and how you do them.

Ubisoft has revealed the four new investigation types for Assassin's Creed on PC.

These are Rooftop Race Challenge, where you will charge from one informer to another within a set time limit; Archer Assassination, which has you murdering rooftop-dwelling guards in a set area without being seen; Merchant Stand Destruction Challenge, where you have to trash the livelihood of tradesmen tied to your assassination target; and Escort Challenge, which has you guide a fellow assassin somewhere safely.

These will be added to the existing bunch to bring the total number of investigations to nine, although we can only think of four types from the original: Informant, Pick-pocket, Interrogation and Eavesdropping. We're not sure what the fifth is, although Informant was made up of multiple-challenges like flag collection and assassinations.

According to an interview on IGN, the PC version will also run more smoothly with DirectX 10 graphics cards. It's something to do with using less calls to get jobs done.

There will be Xbox 360 controller support as well as four default mouse and keyboard configurations, too.

It doesn't sound as though there will be unlockable Achievements, however, with Ubisoft's Charles Beauchemin saying: "You can still collect the flags and the eliminate Templars but there are no achievements involved." Shame.

Assassin's Creed is due out for PC on 28th March. Head over to our Assassin's Creed console review to find out more.

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