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Sequel to 50 Cent game on the way

Source confirms it's coming.

A secret source has confirmed to Eurogamer that a second game based on the adventures of popular musical star 50 Cent is on the way.

Rumours of the game emerged after an image of the latest EGM cover, bearing the words 50 Cent II, appeared on the Internet.

Now our source has said the game is in development at Swordfish Studios, the company bought up by Sierra Entertainment (or Vivendi Games, as it was known then) back in June 2005. Swordfish was responsible for Cold Winter and is working on the Xbox 360 version of World in Conflict. And 50 Cent II, obviously.

Word is the new 50 Cent game will be out before the end of the year. Sierra has declined to comment on any of the rumours, but our source says you can expect an official announcement in the next few days. Hopefully including details of which platforms the game will appear on. And a quote from 50 Cent going, "I love videogames me, did I mention I've been shot a lot" or similar.