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50 Cent sues over ad game

"Offended" at use of likeness.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Well-known introvert and occasional US rapper 50 Cent is suing an internet advertising company for USD 1 million claiming it used a picture of him in an interactive advert. Which is a "videogame", according to Associated Press, and therefore a "page impression" according to us.

The ad, called "Shoot the Rapper" (linked from Druge Report), allegedly uses the rapper's likeness without his consent. 50 Cent's lawyer says he's "personally offended". "[I]t looks like him, and there's no doubt the character is intended to be him," Mr Laywer, aka Peter Raymond, explained.

Mr Cent wasn't so offended by his own game you might remember, presumably bowled over by the way it "stumbles well under the benchmarks set for the PS2", in our reviewer's own phrase. AP says the ad-firm involved has yet to shoot back.

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