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Bully 360 patch due this week

Rockstar dealing with crashes, etc.

Rockstar said late on Friday that it will release a patch for the Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition "within the next week".

The publisher said it was "very aware of the problems some people have been experiencing with the Xbox 360 version of Bully" and offered its wholehearted apologies.

The biggest problem we've had is hard lockups that require the console to be reset, and these seem to affect even very new consoles like our office Xbox 360 Elite, and happen every few hours.

This is particularly problematic as Bully uses a GTA-style manual save-game system rather than auto-save checkpointing.

Other complaints have centred on the frame-rate, which hasn't bothered us in all honesty, and some audio glitches, which we haven't experienced. Tsk - it's all about us these days.

It's a shame really, because we do love Bully, as you will see when we publish our Bully: Scholarship Edition reviews this week. Given the problems and distinctive features of each, we decided to handle them separately.

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Bully: Scholarship Edition

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