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Houser talks up GTA IV episodes

A "full-on adventure".

Rockstar Games' Sam Houser has dropped hints as to what might make up the downloadable Xbox 360 episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV.

"In the game, you might be walking around and then someone will come up to you and say something like, 'Hey, I need your help', and you'll be like, 'What? this isn't a story mission', and he'll be like, 'You see that room up there? That's my wife and she's f****** some bloke, and I need you to go and do...' and this little story will unfold from there just randomly," he explained to Edge magazine.

"The opportunity for things like that I would say is enormous. Really, though, for the downloadable content in general, it's about seeing how people get turned on by the game, and then we will tailor the production. We are very tuned into the reactions of the audience and we will go a certain way or another."

Houser also insisted that the episodes would be "pretty deep, offering another full-on adventure in this world" and that "you'll get a lot of content for your money", just as you should do with a boxed game.

Grand Theft Auto IV is due out on PS3 and 360 from 29th April worldwide, and we'll start seeing the downloadable content in autumn, potentially into next year. Rockstar has yet to say whether PS3 owners will ever see anything equivalent.

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