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Live Video Store Easter discount

Cheap films available in HD or SD.

Microsoft is offering an Easter discount on five Xbox Live Video Store titles.

Beginning tomorrow morning and ending on the chime of midnight, Transformers, Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix, Naked Gun 2&1/2: The Smell of Fear, Swordfish and 1408 will all be available "from" 100 Points (GBP 0.85 / EUR 1.20).

That's "from", not for, and each will be available in HD or SD - so chances are the high-def versions might cost a bit more. We're waiting for Microsoft to clarify.

The Live Video Store launched in Europe last December. It lets you download films and watch them any time within the space of two weeks. Once you hit play you only have 24 hours until the movie self destructs.

We quite liked Harry Potter and Transformers.

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