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Digimon MMO in the works

Virtual pets game for US and Korea.

Chinese company CDC Games has revealed it is making a Digimon-themed MMO.

Bandai and Digitalic will work together to create the game, which will launch in Korea this year before heading to North America at a later date.

Digimon began as Tamagotchi for boys; virtual pets on a keyring that you nurtured and battled with.

The product proved so popular an anime series was created, where mostly pre-teen characters would be bestowed with digital pets from a parallel digital world. Eventually these would change from puny creatures into great big fearsome might-eat-a-child beasts.

The MMO will be supported by a "pay for merchandise" scheme. For instance, you can try to catch a Digimon for free, but you will have a slim chance of succeeding. You can buy a net, either from the real-life cash store or another player, for guaranteed results.

Expect to hear more about the game as it gets closer to a North American release.