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Onimusha film delayed due to Ledger's death

Won't start shooting in June after all.

The Onimusha film has been delayed and the death of Heath Ledger is to blame, according to a aintitcool's translation of a French source.

Ledger was working with Onimusha producer Samuel Hadida on a Terry Gilliam film, and production stopped when he died.

This caused a shift in the Onimusha timetable, causing problems for the rest of the cast - whose calendars now clashed. There is an added complication in casting the now vacant supporting role; this has to be an American male, but there is an actor's strike in the US scheduled for June. Whoops.

As a result of all this the shooting date for Onimusha is now unconfirmed. The film had been due to begin shooting in June in China.

Director Christophe Gans will use the time to work on a book adaptation called The Swedish Cavalier, but will definitely not be involved in Silent Hill 2 - although we're promised more information on the film "very soon".