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Capcom unveils new strategy game

Called Plunder, has pirates, in "6D".

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Capcom has unveiled a new real-time strategy game for PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Titled Plunder, it's being developed by Certain Affinity - the people who did the Blastacular map pack for Halo 2.

You'll take command of a pirate ship, battling enemies, raiding villages, sinking merchant ships and capturing towns as you hoon around the high seas. The goal is to earn gold so you can upgrade and customise your ship.

There are 25 challenges to play through and seven Pirate Alliances to deal with. Up to four players will be able to face off on one console, while there's LAN and online play for up to eight would-be pirates. Expect 25 multiplayer maps plus the option to create and share your own.

Most excitingly, Certain Affinity boss Max Hoberman reckons Plunder "goes beyond the next-generation, from 3D to 6D". He said the "cutting-edge hex-based environments make traditional games weak", adding, "If you only get to try one downloadable pirate action RTS this summer, check out Plunder."

The game, as Hoberman just said, is out this summer. A price has yet to be locked down but Capcom exec Nique Fajors said it will be "lower than most MMOs' monthly dues".

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