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No place for "really hardcore shooters" - R6 Vegas 2 developer

And there won't be a Vegas 2 demo, sadly.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 game designer Phil Therien reckons Ubisoft will steer clear of "really hardcore only shooters" because "the market was too narrow for it to be a viable business choice".

Speaking to Eurogamer readers in today's LiveText Interview, Therien said in answer to a question from lavalant: "We would like to be able to please both sides but compromises have to be made.

"We have some ideas to improve on the situation though - keep in mind however that we want our games to be accessible to as many people as possible, otherwise we just couldn't keep making games."

Lavalant had been asking whether we'd ever see more realistic shooters like Ghost Recon 1 reborn on current-gen hardware.

Therien also revealed that there won't be a demo version of Vegas 2. "We took the decision to spend our time on polishing the game and the demo option was cut," he said. "It's really time-consuming to create a demo and we needed the dev time to finish our game."

Other highlights from the LiveText session, which ran for a near-record 80 minutes:

  • There's virtually no difference between the PS3 and 360 versions of Vegas 2, according to Therien. "A few minor differences in graphics as usual, but nothing major. We wanted it to be a choice of console and not a choice of content to play Vegas."
  • Working on the Wii is "discussed at least once a week" in the Vegas 2 office. "No plans at the moment but we love the Wii and I would really like to do something on the platform."
  • The Vegas 2 single-player mode is "about an hour longer". "There's actually more content in this one!" Therien joked.
  • In-game Easter eggs include body armour with Therien's gamertag stamped on it.
  • The drop from four-player to two-player co-op was made because the single-player levels couldn't easily support four. "Having more then four Rainbow bodies would have simply not fit in many places, so we had to move down to two."
  • "Nothing is announced at the moment for DLC. If there is DLC announcements it would be made after the game has been on shelves for a while."
  • Face mapping is back, and Phil's pretty sure it's on PS3 as well as 360.
  • Therien would rather have lasers for eyes than be invisible.

Check out the Phil Therien LiveText Interview transcript to see what else came up.

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