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New Rainbow Six adds morality - report

Players asked to make difficult choices.

The new Rainbow Six game thought to be in development at Ubisoft will feature a complex morality system that asks players to think carefully about the consequences of their actions.

According to a Kotaku report, this branching path feature is a key aspect of the revamped tactical shooter.

One particularly visceral sequence in the game reportedly sees your team attempting to stop a terrorist group from blowing up a bridge leading into New York.

The bomb is strapped to an innocent stranger and you'll have to choose between immediately killing the civilian to save the bridge or risk hundreds of lives by trying to rescue him.

The HUD apparently shows the blast radius of the bomb, how many people are in its range and where the other members of your team are located.

The report claims that one possible outcome has you pushing the man off the bridge, viewing some of his memories as he falls, and then witnessing him explode.

Kotaku's sources also managed to procure a couple of early screenshots, reproduced here.

Earlier this month word sneaked out that the back-to-basics game, which Ubisoft still hasn't confirmed exists, sees your team attempting to thwart a homegrown US terrorist cell hellbent on reducing Manhattan to rubble.

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