Rainbow 6 Patriots

Key events

Rainbow Six Patriots is no more, Rainbox Six Siege takes its place

Asymmetrical multiplayer-focussed title coming from Ubisoft Montreal in 2015. Gameplay video released.

Ubisoft explains Rainbow 6: Patriots E3 no-show

"The best thing for the brand was to not bring it to the show."

FeatureE3 2012: The Vapourware List

The absent games we're beginning to wonder about.

Former Heavy Rain designer now in charge of Rainbow Six Patriots

Ubisoft reportedly restructures development team.

VideoDark new Rainbow 6 Patriots trailer

Ubisoft's terrorism-fuelled shooter blasts new footage.

FeatureRainbow 6 Patriots Preview

Can shock factor put Ubi's tactical shooter back on top in 2013?

VideoRainbow 6 Patriots reveal trailer

First scenes from dark new shooter.

Rainbow 6 Patriots has "new narrative direction"

Out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013.

Rainbow Six: Patriots revealed by registrations

Said to be set for a November announcement.

New Rainbow Six adds morality - report

Players asked to make difficult choices.

New Rainbow Six incoming - report

Back-to-basics gameplay promised.

New Rainbow Six title in the works?

Developer CV, Ubi URL raise suspicions.