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New Rainbow Six incoming - report

Back-to-basics gameplay promised.

A new entry in Ubisoft's Rainbow Six franchise is on its way that will see the series return to its strategic roots, according to a Kotaku tipster.

Though no name for the project has been settled on yet, the source claimed that the game will see your team attempting to thwart a homegrown terrorist attack on New York City.

It'll be more story-driven than recent entries in the long-running tactical FPS series, but see a renewed focus on stealth and strategy over reckless gunplay.

The new game will apparently sport a new "icon-rich" visual style and include a cover system which sees the action briefly switching from first person to third person.

Ubisoft has declined to comment on the leak.

This isn't first time talk of a new Rainbow Six games has popped up. Last month "Rainbow Six (2011)" appeared on a developer resumé while Ubisoft has been sitting on the domain name since 2009.

An E3 reveal perhaps? We wouldn't bet against it.

The last time the series graced our screens was the solid Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 back in 2008, which skillfully maneuvered a 7/10 from Eurogamer's Kristan Reed.