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Fresh German consumer event for Cologne

Called GAMESCom. And smells nice.

German developers and publishers have teamed up with Koelnmesse to offer a gigantic consumer event in Cologne, Eurogamer Germany reports.

It effectively marks the end of the Leipzig Games Convention as we know it, with owner Leipzig Messe set to make a statement about its future this afternoon.

The new event, GAMESCom, will begin in September 2009 and enjoy considerably better travel access and accommodation resources than its Leipzig counterpart.

German TV station RTL and the World Cyber Games are based in Cologne as well, with both said to be playing a key role in the new event.

The Leipzig Games Convention has continued to grow each year and, in light of the recent E3 downsizing, is now the largest consumer show on the calendar.

Presumably it has simply outgrown Leipzig.

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