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Triple-A Rockstar sequel promised for '09

Plus: new Max Payne not ruled out.

Take-Two has offered the first hints at what Rockstar will be getting up to after Grand Theft Auto IV hits the shops on 29th April.

Speaking in a conference call, as reported by Gamasutra, executives said the studio will be working on downloadable content for release via Xbox Live both this year and next.

They also confirmed the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will run identically and look almost exactly the same, although you can expect slightly warmer colours in the PS3 game.

As for what's next, Take-Two said Rockstar will release "at least one major sequel in 2009". The execs offered no hints as to which IP it might be based on, simply promising it will be a "triple-A sequel".

Another GTA then? Well, it's unlikely IV is the last we'll see of the series. Take-Two confirmed 66 million GTA games have now been sold, putting it way ahead of other franchises Midnight Club (11.5 million), Civilization (8 million) and Max Payne (7 million).

Mafia 2 and BioShock both racked up sales of 2 million units, while the figure for Red Dead Revolver, Manhunt and Bully stands at 1.5 million each. Poor-to-middling Wii title Carnival Games is approaching the 1 million mark, oh the emptiness inside.

But back to Take-Two's other franchises. Any chance of a new Max Payne? "It's a little early to comment on any particular title but we have a lot of interesting things going on," an executive said. "What's the saying? We will sell no wine before its time." Righto.

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