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Second Warhawk expansion in April

Plus fresh DLC before that.

Sony plans to unleash the second Warhawk expansion pack, Operation Broken Mirror, in April.

It will cost GBP 3.99 and feature a Personnel Carrier plus seven arenas in the Vaporfield Glacier.

These snowy maps are based around a Eucadian research facility infiltrated by Chernovan spies. The white-blanketed rooftops of the town will be split up to cater for large and small battles.

You will need to use the armoured personal carrier to ferry around six passengers - who can fire out of side hatches - using a speed boost to overcome obstacles. Walls may prove tricky. You also get a shield to absorb enemy gunfire.

In early April, before Broken Mirror, Sony plans to released two fresh weapon types for infantry: the wrench and the Bio Field Generator.

The former replaces the knife, can be used to repair thins, and is useful as a metaphor in adult films. The latter also replaces the knife and is used as a proximity mine to stick to vehicles and walls.

All team members standing in the nanite cloud will be healed, while all enemies will be slowly killed.

Warhawk has already been given one expansion, Operation Omega Dawn, which failed to bowl us over. Find out why with our review.

Alternatively, pop over to our Warhawk Operation: Broken Mirror gallery to see more.

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