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Recycled SingStar song delay explained

Have to be re-cleared for use.

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The SingStar team has revealed that each back catalogue song has to be re-cleared before it can be offered as a download on the PS3 SingStore, hence the slight delay.

"We have had to re-process all of the tracks for PlayStation 3 and this in turn means we have to start a brand new clearance procedure," the developer explained to "semi-official" blog ThreeSpeech.

"We are, however, ready to release them to the store as soon as each track has been cleared for use. As soon as each track is approved we'll have them in the Store as quickly as we can."

The studio also shed some light on the lack of movie songs on offer; apparently licensing the videos that contain actors is an "added complexity", but there are hopes this will get easier in time.

Perhaps Sony has a master plan, such as aliens.

So far there have been two batches of recycled songs added to the SingStore. Tom says he spent about 15 quid on fresh tracks over the weekend.

But which did he buy, Eurogamer reader? Use track list one and track list two to help you guess. Winners will get beans.

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