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God of War PSP demo now available

There won't be a PS2 port, says RAD.

A demo of PSP title God of War: Chains of Olympus is now available for download from the PlayStation Store.

Beware though that the demo is only accessible to US PSN accounts, with European users told, "Sorry, you do not meet the eligibility requirements for this product."

Switch over to your US details though and it's fine - the 164MB download is all yours. Obviously we can't help you find out how to sign up for a US account though, and Google definitely can't help you.

The game is being released here on 28th March, and you can expect a full review to appear on Eurogamer later this week.

It's been developed by Ready At Dawn, previously responsible for PSP title Daxter. According to a post on RAD's website, Chains of Olympus will remain exclusive to the handheld - and will be the studio's last PSP offering.

"We can confirm that Chains of Olympus will be our last PSP game as we're moving on to other projects and other ideas on other consoles," the posting reads.

"We can also confirm that this will be our first and last God of War game as, just like Daxter before it, there will NOT be a PS2 port of the game. We like our games PSP exclusives."

It'll be interesting to see what RAD comes up with next - especially now that Dan Arey, former Naughty Dog and creative director on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, is on board.

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