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Dead Space to get animated prequel film

More movies planned for other EA games.

Electronic Arts is teaming up with film company Starz Media to produce an animated movie based on survival horror game Dead Space.

The story will pick up where the plot of the comic books ends and before the game begins. It's set on mining spaceship the USG Ishimura, which pulls a mysterious artefact from a remote dig site. A long-dormant alien presence is awoken as a result, and the crew of the Ishimura must fight to survive. How fresh.

The film will be shown on the telly before getting a DVD release, and is due to premiere on the same day as the game - October 31st. Apparently Starz Media is already in discussions with broadcasters worldwide.

And this is only the beginning; two more EA franchises are also getting their own movies. No word on which ones yet.

Dead Space is currently in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and you can find all sorts of screenshots, videos and previews over on the gamepage.