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One Life Left returns tonight

Internet radio's finest prepare to arrest you.

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Team One Life Left returns this week, refreshed, reinvigorated, refocused and reincarnated after various secret missions. What were those secret missions? Why would you care? Were they even-slightly game-related? What do you think? Find out in another One Life Left Eurogamer ex-ex-exclusive* broadcast.

As usual, the rest of Europe's favourite/only gaming radio show contains news (five stories plucked from this week's headlines by News Fox Ann), reviews (ill-informed opinions clustered around videogames we've barely played), features (short spots by industry insiders offering puns, poetry and punditry) and another competition. Oh, and if you've got Skype, tune it up, because we'll be doing One Listener Left near the close of the show, the aptly-named feature where you're the guest star.

We might have an actual guest star, too. That's TBD. Actually, let's claim it's under embargo. Okay, so we have a guest star but details of that are embargoed until the preshow preamble some time around 7.30pm GMT. The show begins properly at 8pm but if you tune in before that you'll catch the team in warm-up mode. Early birds last time heard an exclusive interview with a listener and Simon's Mum.

We really wouldn't recommend you tune in before 8pm. We don't podcast that stuff for a reason.

So, head to in the evening and with luck you'll see a LIVE page containing the link for the stream. If you click there before that you'll be able to listen to broadcasts from the OLL archives. Catch up, quickly, and we'll see you this evening.

Ste, Simon and Ann

* Exclusively live. We're also syndicated on London's Resonance 104.4FM, on iTunes as a podcast and in the hearts and minds of the literally tens of listeners worldwide.

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