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What's Jade Raymond up to these days?

Ubisoft boss sings woman's praises.

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Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot has offered the first hint at what Jade Raymond's plans are now Assassin's Creed is out of the way.

Raymond, you may recall, worked as the producer on the game, and received much attention for being a hot lady. Or, hey, just for being great at her job, as Guillemot would have it.

"I view Jade as a very skilled and creative producer," he told GameDaily.

"The success of Assassin's Creed leaves no doubt about that and the attention she received from the media is due to the anticipation, buzz and quality of the game."

As for what's next: "She's currently working on a new project but it's a little too early to share more about it."

Could it be a sequel to Assassin's Creed? No one's saying anything, but Guillemot certainly sounds keen on the original. "We have never received as many compliments from gamers as we did for Assassin's Creed. Some might dislike certain aspects of the game, but it undoubtedly brought a radically fresh and innovative take to the adventure genre," he observed.

"This game shows that our industry has reached a new level, and I'm not really surprised that it gets polarised critics, just as a strong movie would. As you know, such a success with a totally new IP which took so many risks in order to redefine the genre is unprecedented."

You can read what it was about Assassin's Creed that polarised Tom over in his review.

Jade Raymond is 33.

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