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We have the best games, says Microsoft

Wouldn't swap places with Sony or Nintendo.

Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis has declared 360 has better games than any other console, which he believes will help Microsoft win the hardware war.

Speaking to our old friends GamesIndustry.biz Lewis said, "We do, genuinely, I think, have the best games for both the core and the masses.

"I certainly wouldn't trade places with any other platform holder right now. We've got the best games line-up, over 1,000 games for the holiday period - that's true for exclusive and first-party and third-party."

According to Lewis, 17.7 million Xbox 360 units have now been sold around the globe, although we reckon that's an old figure, since we first heard it in January and John Schappert has since said 18m. The attach rate is just over seven games per console - "Considerably ahead of where we stand with our competition."

Lewis said there have been lows as well as highs, however. "There are some parts of Europe where we enjoy less success than we aspire to," he conceded. "There are parts of continental and southern Europe where we made a slightly shaky start, certainly with the first version."

But he reckons factors such as a healthy software catalogue and good old Xbox Live will give Microsoft the edge over its competitors in the long run.

"We are very well positioned to win in Europe, [with the] best games for the core and the family, best service and a great set of price points to broaden our appeal to a wider community," he said, "And a lot more to come."

Read the full interview over on GamesIndustry.biz, where the attach rate of fact to news is always high.

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