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Disgaea to make DS debut?

Famitsu suggests so.

Acclaimed role-playing series Disgaea may be making its way to Nintendo DS.

Its development was mentioned in the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, according to Akayuki, which translated the title as Disgaea DS: Prince.

No other details were mentioned, sadly, and European distributor Koei was unavailable for comment.

Every Disgaea game released so far has earned 9/10 on Eurogamer, the most recent being a PSP port of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness for PS2.

The action is turn-based and strategical, and will happily soak up hours of your free time as you micro manage your way to success.

Disgaea 3 was released on PS3 at the end of January in Japan, and earned 32/40 from Famitsu. It will be making its way to the US in August, but Koei has yet to confirm a European release.

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