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Speed-eating game in oven

Mastiff Games gobbles licence.

US publisher Mastiff Games has licensed Major League Eating competitions.

This covers all the top face-stuffing events in the USA, like the renowned Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest and Kenny & Ziggy's World Matzoh Ball Eating Championship.

"Major League Eaters aren't just elite athletes," said Bill Swartzat, big cheese at Mastiff. "They are the people who built America. Or at least the competitive eating part of America."

No platforms or dates have been mentioned, but MLE: The Game should include all your favourite pie-eaters and, er, dog-downers.

Takeru Kobayashi is among them, the slight Japanese chap who is romping the world of speed eating. Among his talents are gobbling 50 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes, a feat that was nearly double the best efforts of those around him. No match for a bear though.

Pop over to the Mastiff Games website to keep an eye on proceedings, or pop over to the Major League Eating site to see some of the athletes in action.