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Doodle Hex heads for June release

DS spell-slinger shaping up nicely.

Pinnacle Software is to release DS title Doodle Hex here in June.

It's the game developed by Spanish outfit Tragnarion Studios we told you about last August.

Doodle Hex sees you slinging spells about like Harry Potter after too many E-numbers. You draw runes on the bottom screen while the top screen presents a comic book-inspired take on the action.

There are around 200 runes to collect and you can deploy them both offensively and defensively. You can also combine them to pre-emptively overcome blocks.

While the single-player game boasts around 250 challenges - all increasing in difficulty as you battle your way through the Hogwarts-like College of Runes - the head-to-head Wi-Fi battles have us most interested.

Adding to that are the 14 different characters on offer, each with a unique style and strength.

Head over to our Doodle Hex gallery for some fresh shots.

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Doodle Hex

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