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Operation Flashpoint 2 for this winter

Long-awaited sequel comes closer.

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Codemasters is aiming to release Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising this winter.

The publisher will shoot more specific details at us soon, according to Videogaming247, which lurked menacingly by a tree.

Operation Flashpoint 2 was originally in the hands of first-game developer Bohemia Interactive, and talked about as long ago as 2003.

However, due to a conflict of interests, developer and publisher parted ways and Codemasters decided to redesign the game from the ground up.

One of its chief boasts is a fresh proprietary engine called EGO that looked very impressive in a batch of show-off screenshots last year.

Other than that, little is known about the title other than the fact it will be on PC, PS3 and 360.

Pop over to our Operation Flashpoint 2 gallery for those nifty shots.

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