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First Operation Flashpoint 2 details emerge

Three theatres of combat, says Codies.

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Operation Flashpoint 2 will be a globe-straddling behemoth, Codies confirmed today, with the combat due to be set across Southeast Asia, Central Europe and Africa, with the mission-based campaigns taking gamers through fictional conflicts based upon authentic events during the years around 1970.

Sadly, fans of the military action simulator will have to wait another 18 months or so before they can get to grips with Bohemia Interactive's much-anticipated sequel, with a release date scheduled for late 2004, on PC only.

Codies reckons the game will "set a new standard in its realistic portrayal of conflict situations where, for the player and his squads, everything happens for real."

Marek Spanel, the Project Leader for Operation Flashpoint 2 at Bohemia Interactive Studio commented: "We want to create a game set in realistic theatres but not tied to any single historical event. The theatres selected for Operation Flashpoint 2 will provide for a great variety of combat environments and draw players into a thoroughly believable experience where every element of tactical combat is important."

Like tons of other games coming out, an "important part" of the main campaign will focus on events from the Vietnam war in late 60s.

Missions will see players "engaging in solo action, commanding a squad, driving military vehicles", or "taking to the air in authentic 'copters and planes". Much like the last one, then.

Apparently, weapons and military and civilian mobile units are being accurately modelled from period military data. Much like the last one, which is a "good thing".

Codies is asking gamers to register their interest in the game and sign-up for development updates online here.

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